Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ethan Turns Three!


Happy Birthday to my sweetie-pie!  I can't believe he is now three years old!  Such a big boy.  Some of my favorite things he does that I don't want to forget:

-He will come and pretend to give you a kiss, then clamp onto your nose instead and dissolve into a fit of giggles
-Whenever he laughs really hard he will say 'oh no, it's an attack of the giggles'.
-He really really likes Daddy's blue car and when Bob wants to take it to work Ethan will try to change his mind by sing songing 'You can take the white car if you want to' very sweetly with a cute smile.  And if that doesn't work he will tack on a ' can ride your bike to work instead if you want to'.
-Every day when Bob leaves for work he will run downstairs super fast and stand on the couch by the front windows and wave him bye bye until he can't see the car anymore.
-When he wants you to pick him up he will run towards you with his head tilted way back and arms wide open asking for a bao bao (sadly he is doing this less and less as he is now Mr. Independent).  And if you run away he will chase you like that all the while cracking himself up.
-He likes to call all forms of protein 'rooster', whether it is beef, chicken, or pork.  Shrimp is a separate entity however as that is his favorite.  And when eating yogurt if the spoon is drippy, he calls it the 'butt' and wants you clean the 'butt' from the spoon before he will eat it.
-He always insists on drinking from Daddy's cup and using Daddy's utensils even if they are the same ones as he is using.   He has to switch the items with Bob and then will happily eat.

Since his favorite activity these days is building legos, we of course had to have a Lego party for him.

The EPA girls.  Minus Philly (I wish you were still in the bay area)!  The boys are all almost exactly one year's amazing how much bigger they grow in only one year!

Erika giving Devin a hug.  So sweet!

Erika putting the finishing touches on the train.  Sungsim is a master face painter...she makes the most amazing designs all free hand.

After blowing out the candle Ethan clapped with everyone.  This photo makes me smile because whenever he hears clapping (aside from the parents.  when we clap he was ask us not to =P) he will always stop whatever he is doing and clap along.

Getting a flip from Daddy.

After months of waiting patiently for his birthday present, Ethan finally got to build the red race car, dubbed 'the birthday red tractor'.  Apparently everything is some form of tractor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011