Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's a...


We found out this week that we are having a baby girl!  Since I am considered genetically over the hill I took the cell free DNA test and all the results came back normal showing that we are having a healthy (knock on wood) baby girl.  We are all very excited!


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Last weekend Bob and his fellow Rivermark friends ran the Ironman 70.3 Vineman in Sonoma.  We made a weekend of it and went up on Saturday - Ethan was excited since we got to stay at a big fancy hotel (actually the Hilton Garden Inn, which not so fancy, but anything is exciting to a four year old).

The weekend started off unpromising.  We were supposed to meet with everyone for dinner after picking up the race packet but when Bob did a test bike run he accidentally locked our car keys in the trunk.  So while we waited an hour and a half for someone to unlock our car, everyone else (who stayed near the start line) had fun playing on the beach and eating yummy Italian food.  Bob was sad so let's just pretend we made it:


Race day!  We woke up at 4:30 to drive Bob to the start.  Then Ethan and I goofed off having breakfast and  running around parks and eating ice cream and browsing farmer markets.  Cue mishap number 2.  Bob said he would probably finish around 1 PM so Ethan and I made a beeline to the finish line at 12:30.  Despite diligently checking the live tracker we apparently were ten minutes too late and missed seeing Bob cross the finish line yet another time.  Boo!  Good news:  Bob made super time and finished in 5:34.  Woot!


Sigh.  Lastly when E and I went to take the shuttle to the parking lot to pick up our car so we could collect Bob and all the gear, we accidentally boarded the wrong bus (despite asking the driver THREE times)  and ended up driving all the way to the start and then back again to the finish line.  So it took us over an hour just to get to our car to drive back home.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Next time we will stay with all the rest of our friends, NOT lose our car keys and learn to gather at the cheering section extra extra early (and buy a cow bell to ring!).  It was still a fun weekend!  Next year we will do it again!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Only Child


E's only child status is expiring January 2014!  Our sweet wonderful inquisitive boy will soon be a big brother.  He is super excited and is already drawing pictures and singing to his soon to be little friend in my belly (hopefully once the baby comes he will still be as excited and loving and giving!).

E is sure to be a fantastic gē ge (big brother).  I mean who wouldn't want someone like him by your side to:

Pop bubbles with.

Be silly with.

Play in the bath with.

Build pyramids with.

Goof off with.

Discover new things with.

Be super hero's with.

And experience all life has to offer with a big smile on your face with!

We love you Ethan!  And can't wait for the newest addition to our family!!! =)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Energizer Bunny

The secret to fueling our ever growing energizer bunny?