Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nai Nai


Nai Nai stayed here for a little over a month and we were so lucky to have her here!  I don't know who will miss her more - the kiddos or Bob and I!  She is amazing.  She has infinite patience and knows just what to say or to do to soothe Anna and play with her.  She kept the house running - from helping to pick up and take Ethan to school, to cooking us yummy meals (Ethan never wanted to eat out but opted to stay in and have Nai Nai food 'cuz it is the best'), to taking care of Anna (and me!), and helping clean up the house.  I don't know how she has energy to do so much!  She is an amazing mom and we miss her so much already!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One month!


Anna is one month old today!  We had a weight check up today and she is 9 lbs 1 ou.

We tried our hand at feeding Anna some BM a few times.  She can guzzle a whole bottle in a few minutes but prefers to nurse even though that process takes over half an hour.

Cuddles with the fam!

Ethan likes to help out at bath time.

Anna is a cutie!  She is sleeping 3 hours at a time at night but will periodically throw in a 4-5 hour stretch every few days which we hope will become consistent soon.  After a full meal she will do a cute super stretch motion and make contented noises just like her big brother used to do.  She is starting to coo ad babble a bit.  She smiles and chuckles a lot in her sleep but not yet when awake - I can't wait to hear her laugh out loud for real!