Thursday, March 22, 2012


We visited Shoreline park to go paddle boating.  The last time we went paddle boating was almost exactly two years ago at Tai Tam Park. E was so little back then!  Back in the days where his hair used to stick straight up.  <3!


Deciding which paddle boat to choose.  Decisions, decisions.

My two guys.  <3!  And sparkles!

We went around catching the buoys.

Playing on the dock before boating.

And clowning around the lake.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Penny Letters

Okay, I already blogged about Pinterest - you can count me in as one of the many who are obsessed.  If I have some free time surfing the web, invariably most of that time will be spent on Pinterest gathering inspiration on what to cook or things to craft.  Of course, I have yet to actually make anything...but research should count for something right?

So when I heard about the Pinterest Challenge a few days ago I finally got motivated enough to try my hand at one of the bajillion things I pinned.  Like this one:

Here is my rendition:

I was originally going to penny up our last name or say Cucina or something to that effect but then I realized I already had letters lefter over from Ethan's nursery and therefore wouldn't have to buy any.  Since I wanted to hang the letters in our kitchen I had two options for what to say: EAT or TEA (and given that we don't actually drink any tea but do plenty of eating I think you know what I ended up going with, although to be totally honest if this word were to represent us it would really say CHOCOLATE or ICE CREAM instead).

Repainted the letters a copper color:

This was after three coats.  In retrospect I think spray painting would have been much faster.

Glue, glue, glue away.  I ended up scattering three layers of pennies to cover all the bare spots.  The E6000 glue worked really well.


And here is the finished results!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I see SNOW!

We finally made a trip up to Tahoe - just for a chance to go sledding and see the snow.  Woot!

Snow bibs - not so cute on adults, but super cute on little kids.

All excited to play in the snow!

Getting ready to blast off!

The hill didn't look that steep, but you gathered quite a bit of speed as you spun down.

That's a big snowball.

We ended up going to Granlibakken to go sledding since it was one of the few places without age or height requirements. The snow play area was small but nicely kept, one sided dedicated to sledding and the side for beginners learning how to ski/snowboard. There is a small restaurant inside the lodge, along with ski rentals and a separate well maintained rest area.

Ethan really wanted to go up the little rope tow in the skiing section, so we might try that if we make it up for another trip to Tahoe this year. Sledding was actually super fun...and we even hooked up our saucers with other sledders into long choo choo trains and into a big circle to go down the hill together.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being Silly

Forehead Kisses


Interpretive Tree Dance