Thursday, September 25, 2014

7 Months!


Our little Anna is now 7 months!  She is starting to sit pretty well on her own and has just started to army crawl a bit (where did my squishy baby go?  she is growing up so fast!).  She loves to people watch, especially other little babies at the playground. Right now she is reveling being the only child at home while E is away at school.  Now that Nai Nai is here, she doesn't have to be dragged to E's swimming/tennis/karate classes.  She can sleep uninterrupted as long as she wants without having to be awoken to take or pick up E from school.  She gets undivided attention and doesn't have to share her play time with anyone.  Only one more week until Nai Nai leaves and then it's back to being a tagalong kid again!

Pigtails are the cutest.

When you walk by her she lights up with smiles.

Loves getting snuggles with her brother.

A toof!  This is what happens with E tries to feed her.

Someone looks like Moe from the Three Stooges when her hair is wet.  Two seconds later when it dries it puffs up like nobody's business.

She always has the same face whenever Nai Nai dances with her.

She loves to eat everything we have tried, except for prunes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Mei Mei got baptized August 24th at the Stanford Memorial Church.


So happy!





Thursday, August 28, 2014

6 Years! And 6 Months!


The littles (well, one is not so little!) just turned 6 years old and the other 6 months.  For Ethan's birthday he requested no party but just a special day with the family doing his favorite activities.  Which turned out to be: paper crafting, paper crafting, Cheesecake Factory (surprisingly, since Shabu Shabu is his usual favorite!), paper crafting, biking, dumplings and chocolate cake, and more paper crafting.  He also got a late bedtime with extra stories.  It's the little things in life that make for a happy day!

Double birthday celebration at the Cheesecake Factory.

Followed by special fried dumplings made by Nai Nai for dinner (per birthday boy's request).

Made a rear cassette and derailer for his bike so it's just like Daddy's.

Crafted a genesis class cruise ship.  We might have to cruise it up soon.

Traced his body and he drew in his organs.

Odyssey minivan for his peeps.  That's a lot of crafting for one day!!!

Our friends from MA came to visit and helped give Ethan an early celebration too.  Chocolate cake - yum!

And not birthday related but we got to meet up with a lot of old alums when the Chius were here.  Totally stole these photos from facebook.

Daddy and Anna

After E's special day (he generously said I could celebrate my birthday on the 5th so I could get a whole day doing whatever I loved best.  Somehow paper crafting still made a feature =p), Bob and I snuck out and had a date night at Chez TJ's.

Fancy food!

Meanwhile, Anna also turned six months old! Baby girl just started solids - she is loving everything we throw at her so far.  She is rolling over (and over and over) like a pro.  She is curious about everything and wants to EAT THE WORLD.  Everything she can grab goes into the mouth - especially loves to munch on her toes. She loves being outside.  Since she is more aware of her surroundings, we are also starting to experience some separation anxiety, especially when Mommy leaves the room.  


We had a double 6 year and 6 month checkup and here are the stats:

E's 6 year old stats:
Weight: 44 lbs (50%)
Height: 46 in (50%)

A's 6 month old stats:
Weight: 15.5 lbs (25%)
Height: 25 1/4 in (30%)
Head circumference: 43 cm (75%)


E likes to help during mealtimes.

When we don't have enough to puree a batch we have been using this feeder for small snacks.  She loves it!

YehAnna2-177YehAnna2-160 (2)
E wanted matching hairstyles.

Happy Daddy is home.

Always full of smiles!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 Months and first 5k


We are now 5 months old!
We get excited whenever we see someone coming over and light up with smiles!

Look at this bed head, the hair is cray cray! We started rolling over back to front and did front to back one or two times but that's probably just an accident.  Sometimes we get stuck on our tummy when napping and are very unhappy about it.  

Favorite way to tour the house!  Daddy rides are the best.

I can fly!

Yeh Yeh came to visit!

Then it was Nai Nai's turn!  Family visits are the best!

In other news, Ethan ran his first 5k!

Pre-run stretches.

Posing before the big race.

Who is the robot?!  Anna saw it and collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Saturday, June 21, 2014



Ethan graduated Kindy!  Woot Woot!  He loves his school and especially his teacher.  At home he transformed his playroom into a classroom just like his at school, complete with a hand drawn flag to pledge allegiance to (after a recording he made of a typical announcement that comes from the principal) and all the posters and bulletins that are found in his classroom.  After school we sometimes play 'school' and he teaches me what he learned during the day.

So happy and proud walking in with his class!


The founders of the school with principal and vice principal.

The kinders sang four songs for us: The World Is A Rainbow, The Vowel Song, Each Of Us Is A Flower, Mahalo before calling each class up to collect their diplomas.

He loves being a Surber Seal!

We were lucky to have Yeh Yeh come visit us and help us celebrate.

Rare whole family picture

On the last day of school we got a binder of all the stories that they had written during school (focus on narrative and information stories). 

This is one he wrote of his first experience at camp:
Over spring break I went to the Don Callejon School Library again.  I was...

with a teacher.  I was feeling happy.  First, I made an advanced zipper until...Lora came along!  I stopped after I worked and worked. I saw Zully, she told me how to make a lanyard.  Then, I put two loops, then I took one string.  I did an over under (loop) twice.  Then I pulled 4 times.  I bit the string.  Last, I worked and worked.  Then I did it over again.  I put...

it in my lunch.  I had a great time at the library at school.

During his free choice activity time he wrote out the theme song to Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  

I'm so happy he likes school and loves his teacher - she made a great impact on him!  I hope he continues his love of school!