Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


 This is what Ethan came home from pre-school with.  Apparently the way to his heart is food and legos!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First (Kinda) Bike


I was thinking of getting a Strider balance bike for Ethan for Christmas but then we went on a Costco run last weekend and I spied a Chicco balance bike for a third of the cost.  Because I have no impulse control we bought it and of course went for a test drive.  I guess we will have to come up with another Christmas gift idea!  This is actually the first year we will be trying to wait for special occasions to give out gifts...usually we have just gotten something for Ethan whenever we felt he needed something.  He doesn't actually have that many playthings so he definitely is not being spoiled, and we played up birthdays/X-mas as more of an occasion to hang out with family and friends (and have special treats like cake!) than about getting a gift.  But this year I thought I would do the whole Elf on a Shelf thing so he would have something fun to look forward to each morning and therefore he will soon be learning about the whole presents under the Christmas tree thing from the book.  So I guess I better get him something!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge


We have lived here for about ten years and while we have driven across the Golden Gate bridge countless times, we have never walked across it before. When we went to SF the other day, Ethan immediately lit up when we passed the bridge and asked to go across it. So we made an impromptu pit stop and took a stroll across the bridge and back. It was a beautiful day.

Testing out the cables.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Parties, Pumpin Carving, and Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween everyone!

We were planning on being Quincy from the Little Einsteins for Halloween but at the last minute changed into Superman (I think someone was a bit afraid of the afro).


Bob was a panda.

All I had to wear was a hat.

Trick or treat!

Super excited about eating a lollipop after all the festivities.

Our first Jack O'Lantern:
E got to choose the pumpkin.  He wanted a small white one.  He also designed the features for the pumpkin (square eyes, square nose, and one square tooth!)


Let the carving begin!

E got the special task of starting the cutting process by punching in a hole where we need to make cuts.

Quality assurance checks!


From the Halloween play date:
Ethan had a blast decorating cookies, jumping in the bounce house, digging for spiders in the sandbox and playing on the swing set. Whew. Can we say we had a giant 4 hour nap afterwards? Maybe I should invest in a trampoline to bounce some energy out everyday!

Oh, just hanging out with Spidey. 
Most of the boys were all dressed up like super heroes and the girls like princesses.

Mini pumpkin patch.  So cute!

E loved decorating the cookies.  He even let me put some away for showing Daddy later...without eating them.  That is a feat!