Sunday, November 2, 2008

Month 3

I have hands!

Ethan has discovered his hands. He loves playing (okay, eating) them. He holds his own hand all the time and tries very hard to shove his entire fist in his mouth. If that doesn't work, he will suck on as many fingers that will fit. Sometimes he will just settle for his thumb, but he either can't just pry his thumb far away enough from his closed fist, or he will suck on his thumb with an open hand and thereby poke himself in the eye with his other fingers. We will work on this.

When placed on the activity mat, Ethan has slowly realized how to grab objects. First he would just tentatively touch a hanging toy with his closed fist and just hold his hand there while glancing at me as if to ask 'Is this okay?'. After a few weeks though, he started swatting at the animals and then grabbing it and finally tried to yank it into his mouth. His most favorite toy is this little red monkey and he will get so excited whenever he sees it. He opens his mouth wide and gasps in excitement and then will grab the monkey by it's little hands and proceed to eat it. Actually everything goes in his mouth...if you come close to him he will hold both sides of your face and pull you in to eat your nose.

Ethan loves to babble. I will chalk this up to my mom. I am by nature a quiet person, and am perfectly content just holding him and playing with him in relative silence. I'm trying harder to talk and sing to Ethan more often though since it's important to be more interactive with him. But my mom's favorite thing to do is sit and babble with Ethan, and he will say 'ahgoogoo' or 'ahwoowoo' in response during her pauses as if it was a real conversation. He also is starting to crane his neck around in the crib (instead of napping!) in order to look at the tiger on the wall and babble to it. We sometimes wake up to the sound of him chirping away which is a quite a nice change from crying.

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

We are very excited that all the tummy time has paid off and Ethan finally realized how to roll from tummy to back. The first time he did it, he had this look of shock on his face. I think his heavy head just tipped him over and he wasn't prepared for it. Then he tried a few more a times and realized how to push off with his arm in order to tip over.

My little monkey

I was super excited about Halloween this year. It's my favorite holiday of the year, and in fact, the only holiday we ever celebrated as children. Every year we hand out candy to all these cute kids, and now we get to take Ethan out (of course the added bonus of candy is just for my sake). Sungsim brought Erika down so we could all go trick-or-treating together. I don't think Ethan knew what was going on, but he loved being outdoors so late at night and looking at all the different people. I love my Mr. Monkey!

Month 2 Stats:
Weight: 11 lbs 10 ou (49%)
Height: 22.75 in (56%)
Head Circumference: 39.1 cm (25%)

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