Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Month 4

The 2nd tooth

Ethan got his first bottom tooth at two weeks. Our pediatrician gave us quite a scare and said that she was concerned the it might have been a neo natal tooth, which meant that if it was loose we would have to pull it out. Cut to us going to a pediatric dentist that same day who said he was not concerned and that Ethan was just teething early. Thank goodness! He warned us that the second tooth was coming soon and just last week when Ethan turned 4 months old, the bottom left central incisor popped out. Teething doesn't seem to have bothered him, he was a little extra drooly but that was about it. I'm sad that we never got to see a gummy smile without any teeth, but he is still cute regardless.

Stroller rides

Three activities which Ethan enjoys are his nightly baths, trips to the park, and dancing with grandma. Ethan used to be a little tense when we first put him in the bath, and would just sit with his hands covering his chest. Now he likes to kick and hit the water with his hands. I can't wait until we move him to the big tub so he has more room to play and splash around. We have also been going on daily stroller rides around the block and to the two parks in our neighborhood. I think Ethan enjoys the ride - he is always in his quiet alert state outdoors. We hold him up so he can see the other children playing and sometimes will meet other little babies the same age. He always wears his bear outfit when we go outdoors and I think he might be starting to recognize it. He will quiet down when we put it on. Or maybe he just likes getting changed because he gets to be nekkid for a bit.

The wind in my hair

I found that Ethan makes the cutest face when you blow on his hair. He will open both eyes really really wide and simultaneously grin and poke out his tongue.

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  1. this is too cute, makes me happy to see mom so happy.