Sunday, June 14, 2009

Macau (again)

Bob had an off-site at Macau and Ethan and I tagged along. We stayed at the Venetian and while we did not stray from the hotel the two and half days we stayed there, Ethan and I had a ball (while poor Daddy had to work. But this was an off-site so how much 'work' really goes on anyways?). We went shopping, we ate lots of good food, and Ethan loved our hotel room to bits because it was his personal playground. The first thing he did when we entered the room was help test out our mattress. He spent half an hour just rolling around and laughing his head off.

He then tried out his hotel crib.

Cute bedding, but gotta do a taste test...

Yup, this crib is A-OK.

Oh look - a free toy! Bonus!

Next up was navigating the steps. Ethan crawls up our stairs all the time but I have yet to get a video of it.

The room was carpeted and had lots of furniture that Ethan could cruise around so he was one happy camper. But his most favorite room was the bathroom. Go figure. It had tons of mirrors and towel rings that he swung around on. Ahhh...if only we adults could be so easily entertained.

All in all, a great mini-vacation!

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