Monday, September 28, 2009

Our cutie

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share some things that Ethan does that I find cute.

-Ethan is currently in a belly button phase. He loves to lift up shirts to see his (and anyone else!) tummy (or as he calls it 'doo doo' for tummy in Mandarin) and poke the belly button. There is one girl in our playgroup that he especially is fond of ...the other day he kept chasing her and trying to poke her belly button and she would slowly try to back away while throwing scared looks at her mom.

-When we wiggle our eyebrows Ethan totally cracks up. Now every time I say wiggle, he will try to wiggle his own eyebrows but he since he doesn't know how he just ends up opening and closing his mouth and blinking really hard.

-He blows kisses now. Except he first kisses the back of his hand and then throws his hand away. Finally he does the 'muah' sound like an afterthought.

-When he wants to leave the indoor playground he will either 'walk' (while we hold his hands) us to the door and if we don't get the point he will then go to the shelf with our shoes and hand us one of our shoes. When we exit he will frantically wave good-bye to everyone.

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