Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Steps

Last week Ethan suddenly decided he was ready for his first few steps. One day he would only walk if we held onto his hands and the next he was ready to try his hand at toddling a few steps. Some may call it the drunken toddler walk but I think he is doing his best impression of Steve Urkel. Our little boy is growing up!


  1. Oh my gosh, tooooo cute! I can't believe he's taking his first steps on his own. I love how he doesn't even seem bothered when he falls and just continues on his merry way by crawling. I also love how he walks to you and knocks the camera all crooked, heehee. We definitely have to take a vacation together soon, any ideas where? :) Miss you guys!

  2. i keep forgetting to ask you, what program do you use for your video editing? i like it a lot!

  3. Windows movie maker. It's super easy to edit your clips and to add transitions and titles. Give Katie a kiss for me!