Monday, December 21, 2009

Ethan Meets Santa

Wait. Who's this guy?
And where did Daddy go?! Wah!


  1. aww - this Santa needs to be a little more Merry around the kiddos! We are scared to take babies to Santa this winter b/c the lines are so long and I'm terrified of germs. Maybe next year after they have had all their shots!

  2. yeah, it was a scary santa. he didn't even crack a smile. i actually thought they were going to have a chinese santa but guess not. =P last year we didn't make it to santa for the reasons you stated. since he turned one i've become really lax about everything now. you want to see what sand tastes like? or pick up objects off the restuarant floor? go right ahead. =P i used to diaper wipe his hands after touching a questionable object but it's a losing battle.

  3. That Santa is totally Bah-humbug looking. You'd think they'd make it a prereq that the Santa at least pretended to be jolly! We haven't ever taken Katie to see Santa. So far, all the pics I see of kids with Santa are of them looking apprehensive and then screaming and crying. But I am totally with you about getting lax after they get older. If I know the floor is clean and the food is a dry food like a cracker, I'll just dust it off and let her eat it! :P Before, if something fell in booster seat next to her, I wouldn't let her eat it! Strengthens the immune system, right? :)