Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Counting Steps

Usually whenever I bring out the camera in front of Ethan I can barely get a few snaps in before something like this happens:

But the other day Ethan was so distracted by the stairs I was actually able to get a short video of him working his way up it. It's not in the clip but usually after he counts something he will exclaim at the end 'Eight steps!' or '2 Mushrooms' or whatever it is that he is counting. I am tempted to teach him to cackle a la Count Von Count on Sesame Street.

1 comment:

  1. OMG, I almost died laughing from the "hold it" "hold it" "hold it" video, he is soooo cute and adorable and so funny he just wants to hold the camera.

    Ok, enroll that little genius in kumon math classes! he is COUNTING already??? that is insane! what is little smarty pants. These kids of two MIT parents, they are so advanced!

    love his voice, absolutely adorable, i am so excited i have gotten to hear him talk! :)

    miss you, hope you are having fun in thailand!