Thursday, October 14, 2010


Bob had a conference in Chimelong last weekend and E and I tagged along for the ride.  Literally.  To get there we took the bus to the MTR to the train to another bus to the hotel.  It was a 5 hour process.  Ethan loved it of course since he likes riding buses and trains.  As soon as we got to our room in the hotel he was asking for another bus ride.  =P

Ethan always tests out our bed first thing.  He gives it two thumbs up!

There were white tigers lounging around outside our breakfast area.

And also flamingos and these orange birds.  Or orange YaYa's as Ethan excitedly exclaimed.

Saying Hi to himself in the window.


The Chimelong Hotel was really nice.  There were a lot of restaurant choices, a kids club, outdoor swimming pool and just a lot of space to run around in.  They also provide a free shuttle ride (5-10 minutes away) to the Paradise Amusement Park, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chimelong Circus and Water Park.

Bob had a free afternoon so we went to the Safari Park.  Ethan was so excited from all the bus rides that he couldn't nap that day so he was a bit droopy at the zoo.

The white tiger bumped butts with Bob and Ethan!

These gorilla statues were actually trash cans.

Mommy and baby elephant.  We didn't, but you could buy some bananas to toss to the elephants to eat.
When Bob and I got married we had a mini theme using bluebirds of happiness.  These aren't bluebirds but they are blue birds so close enough.

Highlight of the park!  When we went to San Diego I really wanted to go to the Wild Animal Park so that we could feed the giraffes.  Bob and I went there a few years ago and I didn't want to fork over the $3 to do the feeding the first time.  Lame I know, but we were fresh out of college with debt to pay!  So I was excited when we went back to San Diego.  Only it turns out when we went last month they had stopped letting the public feed the giraffes the year before.  Oops.  Well we finally got our chance at this zoo!  The diet was a bit different from what I remembered.  In San Diego they at giant singular leaves versus these small tree branches here (bark and all).
Completely out of focus, but the giraffes curl their tongues around the branches to lift them to their mouths.

Other highlights from the Safari Park:

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