Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Cheer

We started playing some Christmas songs the other day as we decorated our house.  Of all the holiday songs Ethan's fav by far is Rudolph, followed by Feliz Navidad.  Side note: Ethan seems to really like Spanish.  We have some toys that teach both English and Spanish and he has picked up a lot from them: he can now count to 10 and sing the ABC's in Spanish.  I guess I should really be pushing the Mandarin.  Kids are such sponges!


  1. Ethan will be a good singer...

  2. sooooo cute! you should teach him to echo the funny version..."they never let poor rudolf, join in any reindeer monopoly." haha! ;P

    that's funny you should mention that. katie is also drawn to spanish! i don't know if it cuz so many toys have spanish mode or what, but whenevr we read HighFive (Highlights for smaller kids) she always wants to read the spanish story over and over, and I am sure I am totally butchering it!

    today she cracked my dad up because he was talking about a chinese roll her got katie, a "tsan bao" and katie runs over and says "i want to eat my tsan bao now!" heehee.

    tell ethan we wish him a feliz navidad! :)