Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School!


Ethan started his first day of school last week.  I was so super nervous the weeks leading up to it because he is currently going through a phase of separation anxiety when I am not nearby, but it turns out he loves it!  He cried a few minutes when Bob dropped him off, but the teacher said he calmed right down and started playing with toys on the table until class started.  They are super strict about drop lingering in the classrooms which I guess really works since we only had a few tears the first day.  The second day he raced to get inside the class so he really does like school.  I guess he must have been pretty bored at home.  =)

When asked about class he is all smiles!  Look at his cute uniform. 

He started nursery school at Sunshine House:

First note on the weeks activities:

Bob is the one saddled with drop off and I get to be the super hero that picks him up.

This is the pose I get when I ask him to look cute:

And a picture of his cute backpack.  We are really supposed to use the schools backpack but as long as they are in uniform they don't really regulate the rest of the gear.

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