Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parks and Playdates

One of the best things about living in our neighborhood is the many different events and activities that are offered in the community (from plant markets, arts/craft fairs, wine tastings, holiday celebrations, and much more!).  It really a great place to live especially since the community is so tight knit and children/family focused.  A few weekends back someone sponsored an event (I don't even know what it was for) and had several family activities set up on the beach and around a few of the nearby playgrounds.  I didn't bring my camera to the beach so couldn't capture the events there, but in the afternoon we went to a playground where they set up a 'train' and ball throwing stations.

The train where they rolled you down a ramp of metal tubes.  E was super excited to try it until he actually had to sit in the basket.  You can see him trying to climb back out.  He did go down once but afterwards only wanted to watch the other kids.  I think he was fascinated about how the basket moved along the tubes.

We had more success at throwing balls into these cardboard animal boxes.


We have also had some play dates with one of his friends and fellow classmate, Serena. It's funny, they have played together a million times but whenever we meet up they never seem to really recognize each other at first. I mean, I don't expect them to run towards each other and hold hands (okay maybe I do...that would be so cute) but a greeting when we bump into each other would be nice. It takes Ethan a bit before he warms up at each meeting but soon they start to follow and talk to (or at!) each other.

Taking a coloring break.

At the playground.


This was pretty cute.  They were clapping along as they sang 'If you are happy and you knot it'.

S is a dare devil!

E admiring her climbing skillz.  


And saving the best for last...we also got to meet up with baby Jaden! Ethan loves his cousin...after our lunch date he kept asking about baby Jaden.

So cute!

Jaden humored us about being passed around.

E pretends to be more interested in the iPhone, but he ask to hold J's hand for a bit.

What our family would look like if we expanded.  J/k, we are happy to just to get the chance to hang out with Jaden.  Can't wait to hang out more before we leave HK.

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