Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Hong Kong

We are excited to move back to Cali, but that also means saying good-bye to so many friends that we have made here.  Ethan's last day of school was at the end of March and so we bid adieu to his teachers, Miss Cizzy and Miss Eva a few weeks ago.  Although Ethan only started school two months ago, he immediately fell in love with both his teachers - on the weekends he would ask where Miss Cizzy and Miss Eva were and then answer 'she is waiting for me at school!'.  Everyday he would race into his classroom with a huge smile...I'm so glad he liked the school environment (huge classrooms with a 30:2 student teacher ratio) and has learned so much at school (everyday week he would come home singing a new song) and know that it is due to the two great teachers he had.

Miss Cizzy

Miss Eva

We also said good-bye to Auntie Lisa who has helped take care of our home for the last year and a half.


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