Friday, October 28, 2011

Half Moon Bay

Over the weekend we went to Half Moon Bay to attend the wedding of one of Bob's closest friends.

To the happy couple!

It was a beautiful weekend in a beautiful setting. We got to meet a lot of our friend's children so that was especially nice.

I wish I had more pictures but I accidentally set the camera at a weird setting and most were either out of focus or completely overexposed.


Randall got stuck in traffic so E got to sub in as ring bearer.  Pretty cute!

Very excited to be drinking from a fancy glass

Making kisses at the camera

My two goofballs.

Where we stayed.

View from our balcony.

The next day we explored the harbour and hit up another pumpkin patch (we were in Half Moon Bay after all) before heading home.
I think it's so funny how happy E gets when he slides down things. The slide could be just one foot high and he will be going super slow and still he is tilted off balanced and has a big grin on his face as if is the most fun ride ever.

The best moment by far was when we went to sleep at the hotel.  As Ethan slowly drifted off to sleep he suddenly said 'Mommy, I need some hand holding' and clutched my hand.  Having his hand tightly curled around mine while he was sleeping was too cute.  Of course the next day when I asked him to hold my hand again he told me that hand holding was reserved solely for when sleeping in a fancy hotel.

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