Wednesday, April 4, 2012

S is for Skiing


Last time we went sledding in Tahoe I heard about this place magical place called Soda Springs which is perfect for little kids to go tubing and learn to ski/snowboard.  I thought there was a height minimum which is why we didn't go the first time, but then actually made a phone call (duh) and it turns out that they have an area especially for little kids where there is no age/height requirements.  Tickets were only $25 for child plus one parent, and included ski and/or snowboarding rentals.  Sold!

I think we tried every snow activity there wasy.  We did a lot of skiing which E was super excited to do.:


Taking a break in between ski runs:
 P1140916 P1150090

Spied the big snow mountain and had to climb to the peak!: P1140893 P1150043P1150057P1150055

Had a little snowball fight:
 P1150194 create an animated gif

Tubing carousals! E kept waving and saying hi to us every time he spun by:

And a small hill to slide down:

Made some snow angels:
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Waiting for our sleigh ride to the Planet Kids area.

We had such a fun time...I don't think I have ever seen E more smiley and happy since each activity was so new to him.  Would definitely recommend Soda Springs for toddlers!

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