Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Now that the weather is nicer we have been spending a lot of time outdoors.

Santa Clara held the annual fish derby at the Civic Center Plaza reflection pool at the end of April.  They filled the pool with trout for the children (ages 3-11) to catch.  We set off for the event at 7 AM (it started at 6) and I didn't think anyone would be there at such an early hour, but it turns out that it was already super packed!  Only children were allowed near the pool (they did have volunteers to help the kids bait and throw the fishing line) so I was really nervous that Ethan would not want to go off by himself, especially doing something he never had done before.  But he had a blast!  He didn't end up catching anything, but the experience was great.  Now we have to look for other places to go fishing (or crabbing because that is super fun too!).

Getting some help placing the bait.

Trying different pole holding techniques to lure the fish.

We didn't get any fish, but others near us did.

Of all the outdoorsy things we have been doing, our favorite these days has been biking (even I got a bike and that is saying a lot since I am the worst biker ever). We recently got a Copilot Weeride and Ethan has been having a lot of fun riding around with Daddy.


When we got it a few months ago Ethan could barely reach the pedals, but now he can pedal with the best of them.

This past spring E started soccer.  The first time we tried it was when he was almost two and that did not go over very well.  This time when we tried it, E was super excited and said he wanted to sign up for the term.  The class is split with the first half performing drills and the second half doing an actual game.  E doesn't enjoy the game part as much (because he doesn't like to compete with others to get the ball) but he loves the drills.  Our last class was this past Saturday - we are now a Soccer Shots alumni!

Some clips of the drills that take place in the class.

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