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A few weeks ago we went crabbing with some friends at the Municipal Pier (corner of Van Ness and McDowell) in SF.  Crabbing season this year was open from November to end of June, and only red rock crab over 4" are allowed to be kept if fished within SF bay.  The park ranger told us that the easiest way to tell apart the dungeness vs red rock crab was by looking at the pinchers - if the tip was black then that meant it was a red rock crab!   The views from the pier (open 24 hours) were beautiful...the only downside to this pier was that there were no close restrooms or eateries nearby.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the pier.

Setting up the crab nets.  We used chicken drumsticks as bait...

but the sea lions and seagulls attached them before the crabs could.  A nice fellow crabber gave us a metal cage to put the bait in which helped to eliminate that problem.

Snack time!

Pulling up the nets required lots of teamwork.

Our first crab!  We caught quite a bit of dungeness crabs which we threw back into the water.  We did end up with two adult red rock crabs and lots of baby ones (which were also let go).

Family pic!

Sungsim explaining the anatomy of the crab.

Ethan doing the yawn and around the shoulder move followed by a quick smooch.  J/k, that would give heart attack.  He is only three people!  They were whispering secrets into each others ear, which was pretty cute.

Excited to hold the crabs!

The Moskewiczs!

When asked if he had fun on the drive back, Ethan gave a resounding yes!  He talked a lot about his new friends on the way home...but had no qualms about eating them that night. Afterwards he said 'full of deliciousness' and claimed he only liked seafood for now on.

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