Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year Ethan was a superhero.  When asked what kind of superhero he was by others he would say 'a black one!'.


We had a neighborhood Halloween block party this year:
Bouncing away!

Costume parade.

Halloween day we had another celebration at school with a parade and a potluck:
Everyone was so cute - I esp. love the teachers costumes.

E helped make some cookies for the class.

Goofing around with Daddy.

Finally set to go trick or treating (notice the mask grew to include a Fu Manchu).

Ethan had once piece of candy that night, then the next day proceeded to forget all about it even though he ran by his pumpkin bowl of candy 500 times.

But don't worry, Bob and I didn't leave the candy lonely.

After Halloween, E was finally excited to dress up for next year (completely uninterested this time around) and requested to go as a heart - Daddy as the left atrium, Mommy as the valve and him as the left ventricle  (the left side because it receives oxygenated blood natch).  See you as a heart (well, half of one anyways) next year!

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