Tuesday, January 15, 2013



We have gone on three day trips to Tahoe this season so far.  Last year when we went to Soda Springs Ethan tried out skiing on the bunny slope and had a lot of fun so we thought we would start ski lessons this year.  Boreal is one of the closer resorts to us and also one of the few that was open Thanksgiving weekend so we decided to try it out.  We started out with a half day lesson, and though Ethan said he liked it I wouldn't really recommend it.  The student/teacher ratio was large, and because there was so many students Ethan only got to go up the starter conveyor belt twice and up the lift once before his 3 hour lesson was up.  Most of the time he was sitting on the hill waiting for his turn to go down.  The one good benefit was that Ethan was excited to go up and down the lift all by himself which was something I thought he would be scared of.

We decided to continue at Boreal since they have a frequent rider program and because the green runs are easily accessible, but I think next year we will move to a bigger resort.  One nice feature at Boreal is if you get rentals you are allowed to switch one time and try out snowboarding as well.  So the second time we went up, Ethan tried skiing for a few hours and then we switched to snowboarding.

My mini boarder!

The rental line the second time around took over 2 hours so we headed and got Ethan some proper ski gear for future use.  Amy Mountain has a nice used ski program that allows for yearly trade ins so E is now the proud owner of some (new to him) skis!  Now we are ready for our next time up the mountain!

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