Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Island - Day 3

Today was our big kayaking adventure.  To fuel up we had an awesome breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe in Kamuela.  The portions were HUGE which was great because it was super yummy.

We choose to do a tour with Kohala Ditch Adventures because it was one of the few that allowed children (5 and older, but since E was close to being 5 he squeaked by) and also because it sounded pretty cool.  The first part involved travelling to the launch site in Pinzgauers.  Ethan loved the bumpy ride - someone commented that their head was bobbling like a bobblehead and E thought it was the funniest thing ever.  He cracked up the entire ride.

All decked out and ready to splash around.  Modelling the latest in blue ponchos.

Huge spider web!

Hiking past a waterfall before we got on the kayaks.

The main part of the tour involved kayaking through an old sugar plantation irrigation ditch system.  


We went through earth tunnels and cut through Hawaiian rainforests as we went down the flumes.  Just a warning, some of the tunnels were super low and you had to duck a bit to clear parts of it.  


The entire kayak trip was be 2.5 miles long, but halfway through we got stuck behind a tree that fell and blocked the ditch from a storm the previous night.  So our trip was aborted half way through, but it was still fun!  We hiked to the waiting vehicles to carry us back to the home base and along the way got to sample wild guava fruit and see a family of baby pigs hopping through the trees.  Then we bobbled our way back down to the headquarters.

Afterwards we spent a few hours at Spencer beach which was a beautiful white sandy beach with small waves which was perfect for Ethan.

On the drive down the coastline near Kawaihae we got to spot several whales jumping in the ocean.

Lastly we did a bit of hiking along some lava fields before heading back to our hotel.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Ethan looks like had good time there.

  2. He LOVED Hawaii and wants to go back. Maybe next time we can all go when Debra does her yearly retreat!