Sunday, June 16, 2013

Preschool Graduation


Thursday was the last day of preschool!  Ethan was super excited to 'graduate' to Kindergarten...although he will be continuing on at YCIS for summer school before starting Kinder, so he only really gets one day for break before starting school again on Monday.

For the end of year celebration the class performed three songs, and then everyone got up one by one to collect their school completion certificate by the teachers.  

With his teachers Ms. Sarah, Ren Laoshi and Tan Laoshi.  He loves his teachers!  To think that next year he will have the same number of classmates but only one teacher for all the kids.  Eeks!

Ethan also got to go up a second time and collect another certificate from the principal for winning a photo contest (I have the sneaking suspicion we were the only ones from the class that actually entered the contest - shh, don't tell Ethan!) that he was super happy about.

After the performance/ceremony we took pictures with our new graduate.  Notice he promptly turned his certificates into airplane wings (his newest fascination is with how the flaps work on the airplane as it takes off and lands).

To our big boy!  I can't believe he is starting elementary school next year!!!

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