Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Ethan turns 5!  Our little (well, now big) boy requested no party this year and just wanted to hang out with Mom and Dad for his birthday.  Well, he did also request an Airbus A380 for his birthday present as well.  He is super into airplanes these days, mainly with studying how the wing flaps (ailerons, flaps and slats) and stabilizer flaps (elevators and rudder) help the plane fly.  His favorite passenger plane is the A380 since it is of course the biggest.  At school, the last two weeks was dedicated as airplane week (the teachers read airplane books during story time, had a special lunch where they 'boarded' the class A380  plane and had meals on deck with special airplane divided plates, held paper airplane races) all due to the persuasion of some particular little boy who shall remain nameless.  So I thought since the last day of school was right before his birthday that we would have just a small celebration at school with all his friends.  Theme?  the Airbus A380 of course!

Hee.  Look at the birthday crown the teachers made for him.

Getting ready to eat the cake!

Birthday song.


The favors.  Ethan helped design the airplane logo.  It has to have the rainbow tail which I don't think was ever manufactured but he prefers that design over the actual official Airbus A380 logo.

Bye bye to his favorite teachers, Ms. Sarah and Tan Laoshi!  He promised them he would come back and visit often (after his request that they follow him to Kindergarten was proven to be impossible).

Actual birthday!
We did a present box this year, where we piled all the presents together and had him pick and guess what each one was while blindfolded.

The first one he picked out (well, I think he snuck a peek!):
His Airbus!  After which he promptly lost interest in all his other gifts and didn't bother to even see what they were.  Since the other items got no love I thought I would at least show them:

Second favorite item was probably the colored tape since we do a lot of embellishing in this household.

First action item was to redecorate the tail design to be that of the rainbow tail.  It's all in the details peeps.

After a big pancake breakfast, we headed out for our special outing of the day to the  Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

The pond in the peace garden.


Entering the pyramid!

Deciphering the Rosetta stone.

Code of Hammurabi.

Ethan's favorite pyramid is Zosher's step pyramid.  This picture shows how it changed from it's original design.

One of the seven statues of Cleopatra.

Requisite big headed shot.


Then it was off to Ethan's favorite restaurant, Shabuway, for lunch and then more Airbus playing at home.  I hope he enjoyed his special day -  happy birthday to my sweet sweet cutie!

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