Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas PJs


I've wanted to start the tradition of having Christmas pajamas for awhile now but I never seem to get around to them.  This year I made it a priority!  Also Ethan has been wanting matching clothes for awhile so I knew he would be excited.

We opened stockings on Christmas Eve (also a new tradition for us!).  The big stocking held the pjs, and we had a little stocking with goodies for Ethan to open afterwards as well.  Ethan was so excited he kept laughing and giggling while pulling out all the sweatshirts going 'Oh it's clothes!  and more clothes!'.  Then he realized that they all matched and he made us all wear them immediately.

The backs have our last name on them.  I made a set for Mike and family too since they were supposed to come for Xmas, but alas they didn't make it.  Boo.  It'll be Christmas in July for them.

After the stockings we went on a walk through the neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights.  There is one street that is completely lit up and it was fun to see all the decorations!

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