Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello World!


Last week, we finally got to meet baby Anna (or as Ethan called her when she was still in my tummy 'Key Babe' - don't ask us where he got this nickname!).  She was born on Chinese New Year so she is a horse just like her mom.  Anna came out a healthy 8 lbs 1 ou, had a full head of hair, and immediately took to nursing.  Her delivery, while a planned repeat c-section, was a bit of an ordeal though.  First, the spinal didn't take so an epidural was also used.  Then during the procedure it was found that the umbilical cord was wrapped around Anna twice (she was a very active baby!) so she was difficult to extract.  Lastly, during recovery I had a terrible allergic reaction (difficulty breathing and a huge outbreak of hives) to an antibiotic in the middle of the night and placed a panicked call to the nurse which resulted in complete pandemonium.  Three doctors were called in along with rescue team of 4 who started me on a myriad of medicines - inhalers, oxygen, steroids, anti-histamines, iv drips, chest x-ray.  It was completely scary if only because of the amount of people in the room and because no one had a clear understanding of what meds were called for from the different doctors that kept coming and going.  It was the scariest four hours.  I think all I really needed in the end was simply a benadryl.  =P

Getting excited to meet baby girl!

All cleaned up with her first bath in the recovery room.

Finally get to hold her! She has quite the furry back. =P

Hello!  After meeting her, we knew that she had to be named sweet little Anna.

With the grandparents!

Ethan was super excited to meet Anna in the hospital but due to policy no children were allowed this flu season.  But we made up for lost time when we finally came home on Tuesday.

E likes to lie down next to her and copy her movements.

First kiss!

We feel very blessed to have little Anna as part of our lives.  She is a total cutie!  

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  1. Anna is a little angel. Ethan is a great brother!
    Hope Emily getting better every day!
    Thanks to the grand parents been there for the whole time, helping and taking care of everybody!
    All the best!