Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One month!


Anna is one month old today!  We had a weight check up today and she is 9 lbs 1 ou.

We tried our hand at feeding Anna some BM a few times.  She can guzzle a whole bottle in a few minutes but prefers to nurse even though that process takes over half an hour.

Cuddles with the fam!

Ethan likes to help out at bath time.

Anna is a cutie!  She is sleeping 3 hours at a time at night but will periodically throw in a 4-5 hour stretch every few days which we hope will become consistent soon.  After a full meal she will do a cute super stretch motion and make contented noises just like her big brother used to do.  She is starting to coo ad babble a bit.  She smiles and chuckles a lot in her sleep but not yet when awake - I can't wait to hear her laugh out loud for real!

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