Thursday, September 25, 2014

7 Months!


Our little Anna is now 7 months!  She is starting to sit pretty well on her own and has just started to army crawl a bit (where did my squishy baby go?  she is growing up so fast!).  She loves to people watch, especially other little babies at the playground. Right now she is reveling being the only child at home while E is away at school.  Now that Nai Nai is here, she doesn't have to be dragged to E's swimming/tennis/karate classes.  She can sleep uninterrupted as long as she wants without having to be awoken to take or pick up E from school.  She gets undivided attention and doesn't have to share her play time with anyone.  Only one more week until Nai Nai leaves and then it's back to being a tagalong kid again!

Pigtails are the cutest.

When you walk by her she lights up with smiles.

Loves getting snuggles with her brother.

A toof!  This is what happens with E tries to feed her.

Someone looks like Moe from the Three Stooges when her hair is wet.  Two seconds later when it dries it puffs up like nobody's business.

She always has the same face whenever Nai Nai dances with her.

She loves to eat everything we have tried, except for prunes.

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