Monday, July 13, 2009

My Protector

Today I took Ethan to the playground where we met an older baby boy to play with. The boys were contently playing side by side (but not with each other) when the other baby spied a red diaper wipe case in my purse and grabbed it to play with. Ethan noticed and suddenly crawled right over and they played tug of war with the diaper case. Finally Ethan wrenched the case from the other boy and then promptly crawled over to me and handed it over. I told Ethan that it was okay to share and I gave the case back to the other boy to play with (the boy tried to take it from me again anyways!) but Ethan went and tugged it back over to me again. I thought at first he was mad that the other boy took one of his 'toys' but since he handed the object back to me twice instead of playing with it himself that probably meant he thought the other boy was stealing something from me and he wanted to help me get it back. Hmm...shouldn't I be the one that is protecting him at this stage? Ethan sure is super sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Ethan's such a good boy, making sure no one stole your belongings! So protective of his Mommy at such a young age, so cute!