Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Big Budda

Back in November we took a trip to visit the Big Budda and Po Lin Monastery which is on Lantau Island. You can either take a bus or take the Ngong Ping cable car to reach this destination. We opted for the latter even though it has already built up quite a reputation. It was actually a very peaceful and enjoyable ride. Ethan loved looking at the scenery below him. We visited the Big Budda, browsed amongst the stores in the small village (tourist traps!), and had a bite to eat before heading back home. All in all it was a fun day trip!

Ethan modelling the windblown hair look.
We are so high up! Mike and his girlfriend Venus.
Some funky trees.
A display of cable cars.Ethan trying his best to shimmy his way into a one.
Mike and Ethan, the poseurs.
Enjoying some desserts after dinner from Honeymoon Desserts, a popular chain in HK.

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  1. Looks like fun. We have to make a trip there one of these days. :)