Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day


Today is Mother's Day (at least in the US, it still is, and that's what matters).  This weekend, we had not only one mom, Emily, but Emily's mom came to visit us as well.  Ethan got lots of attention from Nai-Nai, since she hadn't seen him for a while.

Since it's Emily's day, she gets the day off from blogging and daddy is taking over the duties, though Emily will still have to post the pictures, since I can't even operate a Point and Shoot camera.

As you can see from the past 1.5 years of posts, Emily has been a tirelessly devoted mother in all aspects of Ethan's life.  The amount of time she spends researching toys, foods, techniques in raising kids is incredible.  She's probably knows more about child care than I've ever read or learned, which is very fortunate for Ethan and me, since we can be sure Em's got everything down pat.

We had a hard time deciding between Emily staying home vs working, but all the compliments from people on how well Ethan is doing makes it a slam dunk that we made the right choice.  I hope when Ethan reads this when he's older, he realizes how lucky he is to have such a great mom.


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  1. Ethan is SOOO very lucky to have Emily as a Mommy! :) I loved reading Bob's post about Emily, it was so sweet and so true. There is no question about it, Ethan is thriving and doing amazing because of everything Emily does for him and with him. She is such a wonderful Mommy! Happy Mother's Day to my best friend, we're all so lucky to have you in our lives! :) Love you and miss you!