Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Suiting Up

Did I mention that Mike is getting married?!  Well he is and in honor of the occasion Ethan is getting all decked out.  Our family friend who always very generously donates clothes to Ethan sent us a pimping 80's suit awhile back:

If anyone can pull off pink with checked houndstooth, Ethan sure can!

But we decided that we should tone it down.  So an all white tux it is (yes I realize the tag is still on):

Here Ethan is perfecting his Zoolander pose:

His thoughts of all that modelling:

1 comment:

  1. cutest pictures ever! whatever ethan wears, he'll be the center of attention when he walks down the aisle with the ring pillow. the pic of his wearing the suit jacket and no pants totally cracked me up! LOVE IT! Congrats to Mike, and hope Ethan makes it down the aisle without getting cold feet! ;)