Thursday, July 15, 2010


I went with a friend last Saturday to paint at this place in Central called Artjamming.  I haven't painted anything since art class in junior high, which you can probably tell by looking at the finished product.  Hmm..maybe I can pass it off as something Ethan created?  Although he would probably scoff as he can do much better.

Without further ado, here is my zuò pǐn (thank you igoogle chinese word of the day - yes, this is my lazy attempt to increase my chinese vocabulary.  Would it sound better if I mentioned I have five different word of the day modules in my igoogle?  Yes, that is five new chinese words a day.  Be proud.):


In case you are wondering the splatter is created by a finely honed painting technique I picked up during the session.  Okay okay, it just involved flicking paint from your fingertips but it was fun nonetheless.

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  1. So many creatures(very much like human) are walking in the sky........ Emily, I like your Zou Pin.