Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Toys

We got Ethan some new toys a few weeks ago for his birthday (way early I know!).  Now that it's too hot or rainy to play outside in the afternoons our monkey has new ways to burn his energy.

Helping Daddy blow up the Jumpalene (we were too eager to wait and buy a pump...Ethan, er, Bob had to do this all himself.  That is dedication!):

Testing out the goods before it is fully inflated:

Happiness! (This by the way is the best $40 USD we have ever spent):

Trying out the new slide:
Slam Dunk!

I have to say we have been hit and miss with toys in the past but these two are clear winners.  Highly recommend!  Our playground has bigger slides and climbing structures and Ethan has never really gotten the hang of climbing up the 'rock' wall or sliding down all by himself (mostly because I am a self admitted helicopter mom and hover over him ready to help him out).  But he mastered this simple slide in two seconds flat and the next day at the playground figured out how to scramble up and down the playground equipment himself.  He is getting so independent!  Sniff!

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