Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!


Ethan is now two years old!  I can't believe it.  This time last year he was just starting to toddle a few steps and could only say a handful of words.  He can now spout full sentences and is starting to sing (so cute!).  His days are filled with running, kicking balls, and jumping around.  Can we say we have an active toddler? 

I can't believe how much difference a year can make.  My boy is getting so big!  I'm just trying to savour every moment and hope he doesn't grow up too fast.  The things that make me the happiest are when he runs over to hold my hand or asks for a cuddle or lies down on my lap when we read a story.  The joys of motherhood are in the simplest acts.  I hope I can always make him feel better when he is feeling a bit down or sick, stay his friend as he grows older, teach him to be a kind, caring, good man.  I hope he lives a great wonderful life full of love and happiness and joy.  I love my little boy and family so much!

We had a Hungry Caterpillar theme for this year's party.  It's one of Ethan's favorite books.  Mike and my Dad added some personal drawings to the mix.  =)

Ethan lit up when he saw the decorations.

My dad also set up a display of stuffed animals.  Ethan immediately knocked over my dad's hard work.

We are so happy and thankful that our family could come out to celebrate with us!

Ethan is none to happy that we are about to eat his head.

The birthday boy only would taste the frosting on the cake.  He promptly gave it a yuck face.

After the party E decided to get comfy by shedding his pants.  He loved playing balloon catch with Nai Nai.

He also neglected his new gifts and instead wanted to just play with Daddy's wallet.  We never usually let  him handle the money so he was ecstatic to finally have access to it!


Here is a video of some highlights:

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ethan!!!!
    Good pictures, and the way he grabbed money in the video makes me laugh......
    The picture which "He loved playing balloon catch with Nai Nai." is beautifully composed.
    All Good! Many thanks to Emily!