Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Noes!

Poor Ethan caught pneumonia too!  He has been sick the last two weeks (low grade fever, running nose, wheezing) and his cough was getting progressively worse so even though the doctor originally said they would not prefer to use antibiotics, our poor bub is now on them.  The last two nights have been been horrible.  It's so sad holding your poor baby when he is wheezing and can't breathe or cough up the ickiness in his throat.  And it's also sad for the Mommy who now has a permanent crick in her neck since she has to slant her head so that E can fit snugly on her shoulder as she rocks him the whole night long.  We need Daddy to come home!


  1. As a fellow mother, I can definitely empathize with the sense of anxiety and helplessness. Hang in there! Keeping you in our prayers that He shall soon extend His hands upon Ethan. Have a blessed weekend...

  2. It is so hard to manage since both of you are ill....., hang in there, and hope getting better everyday!