Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conversation Bites

Upon entering E's room after his nap.

Me:  Hmm...did someone go boopsies? (our word for going #2...don't ask how we arrived at this term).
Ethan:  No, silly Mommy.  It was only a little fart.


Running into our bedroom with his lovey, YaYa.

E:  YaYa is my best friend!
Me:  That's sweet.  And how about Mommy?  Am I one of your best friends too?
E:  No.  Mommy is just a friend.  YaYa is my BEST friend.


  1. katie totally cracked up when i read her the one about the little fart! :P kids really say the silliest, funniest things everyday, don't they? it's the best!