Sunday, June 5, 2011

Living Simply

Since moving back to US, the past month (6 weeks if you include our side trip to Taiwan) we have been living out of just two large suitcases.  And more than half of that is Ethan's gear (toys, clothes, diaper wipes, etc).  And you know what?  We don't actually need more than that.  Bob, Ethan and I all have enough outfit changes for one week and I actually think is all we really need.  That and a good washing machine.

During our move we gave/sold/donated a lot of our old clothes and toys/furniture.  But we still have a lot of stuff being shipped from HK and not to mention 70% more stuff that we put in storage before our original move to HK two years ago.  All of that is coming next week when we move back to our old house.  I'm kind of freaked about all the stuff!  I guess I have a lot of spring (well summer now) cleaning to do and will be donating a ton more.  It makes you think about all the stuff you buy vs. what you really need.

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