Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daan Park, Taiwan University and Bridges.


More from Tawain.  Ethan loved every minute of Taiwan.  The food.  The parks.  The grandparent bonding time.   It was like his best vacation ever.

Cuddling with Yeh Yeh.

Daan Park was next to the hotel where we stayed.  It is one of the largest parks in Taipei:
I love how my parents are still love to goof off and take silly pictures.

We walked to Taiwan University after going to Daan Park.  My dad went to college here and is currently teaching part time there.
We are either giving kisses or slurping on his head.
Getting a refreshing drink of fresh coconut water.

Ethan LOVED Yeh Yeh's car.  Apparently the golf cart we drove around in HK didn't cut it.

More playground time:

Then we went to visit a suspension bridge in Taoyuan.
Ethan fell asleep in the car but he only pretended to sleep on the hike down to the bridge.  He would periodically lift his head to look at me then flopped by down whenever Yeh Yeh tried to see if he was awake.  Apparently he was just wanted a free lift.  I don't blame him...the hike was a bit intense.

The bridge was pretty freaky!

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