Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drumroll please...

Today for Mother's Day I got the best gifts imaginable. First Bob came back home in time to spend the day with us and secondly (get ready for it) Ethan said his first real word! After weeks and weeks of hearing Dadadada and Babababa with the occasional Mama thrown in there (okay it was only said twice and probably in my own imagination), he finally said his first real word....MaMum! Usually I will wait a few days to make sure he really did something intentionally but because it's a special day I'm going to call it early. Twice today he said MaMum, the first was when I left the room and he got upset that I was leaving and called it out. The second time Bob was holding him and he turned to look at me, leaned towards me and said it again. Yea! I love hearing his little voice and I can't wait until he can really talk and communicate to us.

In other news, Ethan also can now wave good-bye. He does a cute little wave where he just curls all his fingers open and closed. He is the cutest ever.


  1. MaMum!! SOOO CUTE! I can't wait to see a video of him talking, I wonder what he sounds like! How exciting that he said your name as his first word! :)

  2. Go Ethan! Did you teach him to call you Mamum?

    At first I thought you were going to tell me you found out Ethan was going to be a big brother :P

  3. Ha ha Christina! I don't think so. But I do think you and Wayne are next in line...Dusty has taught you guys to be great parents already. ;)

  4. hehe, it's partially true. Dusty is our baby for now.

    As of last night we are doggy sitting for my parents' high maintenance shitzu and I think I experienced about 5% of what it's like to have a real baby because he woke me up several times last night crying. I refused to let him up on our bed because I know he will be spoiled and expect it from then on. I'm a firm parent!....for now :P