Sunday, May 24, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Over here the umbrella is used year round - to hide from the hot mid-day sun and of course to shield from the rain as well. It was icky and rained the entire weekend (boo...but I suppose it is typhoon season after all). We decided to risk getting soaked and walked to the plaza to have brunch anyways. Whenever we use the umbrella, Ethan absolutely insists on helping us hold it the entire time. He holds it with an iron clad grip and if fact only very reluctantly relinquishes it when we make it safely indoors and have to put it away. I suppose he thinks he is being chivalrous - what a considerate 9 month old. ;)

We had brunch at Zaks and it was shockingly good. A salmon and brie omelet for Bob and a spinach, ham and egg ciabatta for me. Yum! Ethan of course ate his own lunch (red lentils and rice followed by some yogurt melts) and then tasted the better part of ours as well. I think we might make have to make this into a weekly tradition.

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  1. You know what is hilarious? I tried the yogurt melts a long time ago with Katie and she didn't really like them. So before they expired this year, I started eating them and kind of liked them, they were like astronaut ice cream. Katie saw me eating them, wanted one so I gave her one and she now likes them and finished the rest of the bag. Silly potato! (or as Katie would say, tay-toe!)

    I love that Ethan likes to hold the umbrella with you, he looks so cute grasping on, keeping his Mommy close and you guys both dry! What a sweet boy!