Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last week we went to Macau for a day trip. Apparently when you apply for a residential visa you have to be out of the district (we had to be out of HK but I guess other areas of China still count) on the day that you file for the visa and also the day that the visa is given. It is quite silly. But free trip to Macau! It was a sucky day to go however since there was torrential downpours so we basically stayed inside the casinos. Well, not the casino itself but the connecting hotels. We did get to enjoy a nice boat ride to Macau, gallery hopping, and finally a nice leisurely lunch. Ethan loves being outside since everything is so new to him. We were a bit worried about his napping schedule being off kilter but he napped on us and had a great time looking at all the sights. And no sea sickness (unlike his daddy). Hopefully we can go again and really explore the area and all the cool architecture it boasts.

Father and son bonding on the ferry.

Family shot inside the MGM Grand.

While Mommy and Daddy got to eat yummy french food, Ethan got to gnaw on some delicious bread (don't call CPS, he had his lunch beforehand).

The globe in the Wynn opens up every 15 minutes to display a huge tree that slowly changes colors. It looks much more impressive in real life than it sounds.

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