Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had big plans for an egg hunt this year. Alas we were stymied twice. First when our friends who were hosting a get together with all the little kids at their house on Friday got sick so the event was cancelled. Then we found out that the public egg hunt in DB was only for kids 3 and older. So we ended up just having a little impromptu egg hunt in our living room. Ethan wasn't exactly too ecstatic about the thought of collecting eggs until he realized they were fun to spin around the room (until an extra hard kick resulted in an egg casualty). The eggs were dyed his favorite color - green!


Ethan kept wanting to put the eggs in his pocket.

Short clip of our fun with eggs.

Little sock bunnies that were made based on this tutorial. I can't sew very well so they didn't turn out as cute as the ones in the tutorial but Ethan liked them!

Ethan lit up when he saw the bunnies

It's hard to see from the picture but there were mobs of people at the DB egg hunt. And this was only one of the 5 egg hunts they had that day!
Dancing on the beach!
Even though we couldn't participate this year, we were able to scavenge some leftover eggs still hidden in the beach.

There was also a big festival in the town plaza. There were vendors selling balloons, clowns, and arenas to play egg hockey, ride a mini roller coaster, catch fish, and paint eggs.

Ethan got a balloon lion to play with.

Ethan had only eyes for the bouncy castle so we waited patiently for our turn to jump! The line was insane - it took us half an hour to reach the front, but it was worth it. Ethan loved bouncing around - so much so that he was very reluctant to leave (i.e. mini meltdown!) when our few minutes of fun were up.



And what was left of the balloon lion the next day. =P

All in all we had a lot of fun this Easter. Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Happy Easter Emmy! :) Looks like you guys had a blast! We had a great time too. We did an Easter egg hunt and Katie and I found the golden eggs and won a big basket of candy! :) Dyed some golden Easter eggs with friends and chowed down on ribs. Katie's Easter basket was a bit crazy this year, I can't believe how much stuff I bought and put into a huge basket! :P

    Loved the video of Ethan hunting for (and kicking) the Easter eggs! He is sooo cute, I can't wait to see him're coming to visit this year, right? :) Miss you much!