Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Negotiator

Ethan is becoming quite the negotiator these days. Our conversation during lunch today:

Me: Look Ethan - we get to eat chicken soup for lunch today!
E: Don like it. (Don't like it)
Me: You didn't even taste it yet. Let's try some.
E: (refusing to let the spoon near his mouth) How bout cookie?
Me: We don't have any cookies.
E: How bout man ereal? (As we refer to Quaker Oat cereal since it has a picture of a man on the box. As opposed to 'circle ereal' which are Cheerios)
Me: How about some soup?
E: How bout eese-stick?
Me: Okay you can have a cheese stick. (I come back and give him the cheese)
E: (plays but does not eat cheese stick. gives me a big grin). How bout cookie?

*Sigh*. I miss the days where he would readily guzzle down (and love!) everything that we plopped in front of him. But of course back then he didn't know how to express his preferences either. =P

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