Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grandpa came to visit

Yeh-Yeh came to visit Jan 15th.  He hadn't seen Ethan for over a year and so Ethan was able to show off a lot more things than last time, including pouring out, looking at, and eating gummy fish vitamins, saying a few words of Chinese, AND going to school!  He also showed off his belt wearing skills.

It took a day or two for Ethan to get used to grandpa, but pretty soon, Ethan was ordering him around like the dictator he was born to be.  When he was in the living room, he would order Yeh-Yeh to go upstairs.  He would tell Yeh-Yeh where to sit and of-course his favorite "Yeh-Yeh go bye-bye."  No Ethan experience is complete without that.

We went to the park a few times and took Ethan to and from school.  Quite the every-day normal life.  Why do we have no pictures, you may ask?  Well, while all this was going on, a stomach virus was going around the house.  First Ethan randomly threw up once a day for 2-3 days.  Then daddy woke up in the middle of the night and slept with his head in the toilet.  Out for the next 24 hours [though on the plus side, daddy lost 3 pounds].  Then when daddy got better, it was mommy's turn.  Not to be left out, Yeh-Yeh got sick immediately the day after mommy, and before you knew it, Yeh-Yeh had to go as soon as everyone was better.  That's us Yangs.  We do everything as a family.

Come back again soon Yeh-Yeh.  We will have a sterile plastic bubble for you.

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  1. arg, the babies and their preschool aka petri dish. On the bright side, it gets better after about 200 viruses they bring home. Hang in there.