Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè


Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone!  My brother is actually the year of the Rabbit, so here is to an extra lucky and prosperous year for him and his new family!  And to everyone else of course.

All dressed up!  The jacket was a smidge too big.  E also refused to wear the pants.  Oh well.  Still cute!

Yesterday at Ethan's school they had a CNY parade.  I was highly excited, but dubious about how E would react since he A) does not like loud music (ditto on loud cheering) B) does not like crowds and C) does not like to perform on demand.  I expected a few tears and/or that he would make a break for it and bolt out of there.  Let's see how he did:

  Each class came out and paraded around before sitting down.

Then one by one each class came out and performed a song and dance.

This was Ethan's class.  Notice E did not join his classmates in walking around.

He's too cool for that.  He decided to sit down and watch instead.  Can you find him in the crowd?

Then it was time for E's class to come up and sing.

Uh uh.  E is not having any of it.  Tears?  Check.

Making a run for it.  Check. 

Somehow he spotted me amidst the crowds and made a beeline towards me.  But once I picked him up he was happy again and we had fun watching the rest of the performance.

Some of the performances.

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