Monday, February 14, 2011

Needle Felting, Ducks, Kisses and V-Day


nee∙dle felt∙ing \ne-dl fel-tin\:  The art of making objects out of wool roving and a needle.

For V-day I thought I would try my hand at crafting a duck for Ethan since he loves all things duck.  It turned out okay I think.  I'm not too sure how to attach the parts together so I just tried to needle felt the head to the body.  We will see how that will hold up.  Ethan liked it at least!


Cuddle Time!  Bob sneak attacked E while we were taking pictures.

Vintage scrunchie face.  And yes, E is wearing my down jacket.

And kisses.  It's hard to tell from the video but E stopped making the 'Muah' noise when kissing and now makes this vacuuming noise instead.  He cracks me up.

And this is what I woke up to this morning!  A cute note from my sweet guys.  Bob says E was insistent on using brown for the heart.


Happy Valentine's Everyone!

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  1. sweet! I love the duck, it is adorable, you did an awesome job! You'll have to explain what felting is to me someday. I was going to make this polar bear I saw in a magazine, but had no idea what felting meant.

    we're so alike, i crocheted Katie lambys since she loves lambs so much! :) Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!